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Our Story

Peugeot watches have been redefining fashion since 1957. At its inception, Peugeot was a manufacturer of luxury, handcrafted, solid gold timepieces. After a successful twenty five year run in the luxury category, rising gold prices and market changes dictated a new direction. In 1982 Peugeot quietly reinvented itself into a well-designed, high-quality watch brand at affordable prices. This strategy led to the formation of a new marketplace which later became known as “fashion watches”. The ability to translate high fashion trends into a watch line that appeals to customers with an eye on style and price has led to Peugeot's recognition as a proven successful American brand found in better department stores nationwide. With over 15 million Peugeot watches sold over the past years, Peugeot has established itself as a trusted brand which stands for quality and value, with an industry leading Limited Lifetime Warranty.