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Lifetime Warranty. Free Battery Replacement. Free Shipping-US only

Warranty & Repairs

Peugeot Limited Lifetime Warranty

Peugeot watches are backed by a limited lifetime warranty against defects to the working mechanism (movement) of the watch. Watches with defects or problems to the working mechanism will be repaired or replaced free of charge. A full copy of your warranty is included with your Peugeot watch, or you can download our warranty below.

The following is NOT covered by your Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Physical damage to the case, crystal, strap or bracelet
  • Damage to the movement due to improper handling, accidents, or service done by anyone other than Peugeot Service Center
  • Damage caused by water unless the watch is marked "water resistant."
  • Free Lifetime Battery Replacement

    Peugeot stands behind its product and offers free lifetime battery replacement for as long as you own your Peugeot watch (shipping & handling excluded- cost of new battery and labor is free of charge).

    For all service required within your warranty or for free Battery replacement, send your watch along with $9.95 for return Shipping and Handling (this is not a repair fee and no other charges will be incurred.) Be sure to send it properly packaged and insured.

    In order to qualify for our free lifetime battery replacement service be sure that you have registered your watch with us. To do so, please visit our watch registration page here.


    If you have damage to your Peugeot watch which falls outside of your warranty, we can repair it for cost of parts only. If you require repair service please call our service center or refer to the list below for cost of parts. In addition to cost of parts please add an additional $9.95 for return shipping & handling.

    • STEM & CROWN: $10.00
    • CASE & CRYSTAL: $15.00 (Does not include Ceramic,Tungsten & Automatic models)
    • NEW DIAL: $10.00
    • NEW HANDS: $10.00
    • LEATHER BAND: $14.95 ( Deployment Buckle no included)
    • METAL BRACELET: $19.95
    • ADDITIONAL LINKS: $3.50 ea. (Does not include Ceramic & Tungsten models)

    All prices are subject to change. Please note that Swiss, Ceramic and Tungsten models are priced separately. Please call our service department for pricing.

    Viva Watch Service Center
    140 58th Street
    Unit #5H6
    Brooklyn, NY 11220

    Note: Please make all payment payable to: VIVA WATCH SERVICE CENTER

    You can reach our Service center via email at wservice@peugeotwatches.com

    Click here to download a copy of our limited lifetime warranty